10 April 2017

it is said that Gamila Hiar, a Druze woman from Galilee, perfected her grandmother’s recipe to create a 100% natural soap, which thanks to her son who is also a far thinking businessman, created an ecological factory in Israel.  This is how Gamila Secret came into being, whose products have conquered Madonna and other Hollywood stars.
Is it a soap-opera? No it’s all true.
The soaps are created by hand, starting from natural and edible ingredients (80% extra virgin olive oil, plus a mixture of 15 local herbs and 5 extremely pure vegetable oils) so they don’t contain preservatives, colorants, emulsifiers, artificial perfumes, or mineral oils and waxes.
They are available in nine different varieties, each one of which contains different essential oils in accordance with different needs.  The Original version, without added essential oils, is suitable for particularly sensitive skin or for those with allergies to synthetic cosmetics and perfumes. To the classic bars of soap, a new facial treatment has recently been added, together with a hand cream and one dedicated to the feet.

For further information: http://www.gamila.com/