10 April 2017

In 2006 the perfumer from Berlin, Geza Schoen launched her Escentric Molecules, a unique perfume line based on a new and revolutionary idea: creating perfumes from a single molecule.
The story begins in 1990, when she isolated Iso E, a molecule present in a number of perfumes available commercially.  “I fell in love with how it perfumed by itself” Shoen recalls.  “I had smelt it in a number of fragrances, but then I had the idea of a perfume with a single ingredient.”
This is how Escentric Molecules came about, which is presented in two versions: Escentric 01, which uses Iso E Super, mixed with other ingredients and Molecule 01, which contains just a single molecule.  In order to explain the difference between the two perfumes, Shoen uses an analogy with the world of graphics and design: “Molecules is to Escentric 01 like Bauhaus is to Biedermeier”.

For further information:  www.escentric.com