10 April 2017

Lorenzo Dante Ferro is one of those rare creators and manufacturers of original perfumes that have a limited and exclusive distribution. In 1982, he founded his small business, establishing his creative studio and laboratory in two small Friulian villages in Varmo and Camino al Tagliamento.
Besides creating personalized perfumes, the company deals with personalized systems for the distribution of fragrances that have been specially created for aromatise environments such as offices, department stores, shopping malls, trade fairs, showrooms, hotels, theaters, museums etc.
As well as this Lorenzo Dante Ferro has perfumed events such as concerts by Jovanotti, art exhibitions by Gaetano Pesce from the Triennale and World Art in Venice, where young artists exhibit in the former Colussi factory, an environment that recalls the aroma of biscuits.
The exclusive room perfume by Minin was created by this artist from fragrances only on sale in our shop.

For further information: www.lorenzodanteferro.it