10 April 2017

Meo Fusciuni is the name of art chosen in 2009 by the young perfumer Giuseppe Imprezzabile to sign its exclusive creations. The Fusciuni, which in sicilian indicates the flow of a source, evokes travel time, invisible lines that link distant lands and botanical cultures.
This is how Trilogy is born in 2010, three fragrances inspired by three different cultures, three smells lived in three different lands: Rites de Passage, with inside the magic of the Istanbul bazaars, Shukran, the essence of a trip from Turkey to Morocco and Ciavuru D’amuri, dedicated to its land of origin, Sicily.
These have recently been added to Nightwatch, a nightmare scent, poetry and self-searching, which has already received excellent acclaims from critics and audiences.

To learn more: http://www.meofusciuni.it/